Posted on 25 January 2011 in Outreach

Revolution is a Tinderbox Theatre Company project in partnership with the Children’s Law Centre. The project aims to give young people professional training and support in theatre writing and performance and to provide a public platform for their thoughts and creativity.

The partnership between Tinderbox and the Children’s Law Centre has led to the creation of RJ’s Leaving Day which specifically explores young people’s rights and their role in Northern Ireland’s society. The play has been entirely scripted by the young people involved in the project and they have also worked closely with the design team in the creation of the set and costumes.

The project is also being marked on it’s opening night by a special post show discussion where the cast and audience will be given the opportunity to discuss issues raised by the play with professionals responsible for promoting better community relations, a culture of equality and rights.

For further information please contact ciaran.mcquillan@tinderbox.org.uk