Total Theatre Ensemble

Posted on 15 February 2011 in Productions

Tinderbox is joining forces with Assault Events and Theatre Abandon in a unique new ensemble project.

Support from the Joint Sectoral Dramaturgy Project will enable the three companies to assemble a group of highly versatile theatre artists to develop ideas for a season of studio shows involving very different disciplines and company identities.

Both text based and devised theatre projects will be explored alongside a new dance theatre production, with new writing, original music and stage and lighting design also being developed through the intensive two-week long project.

The performers include John Shayegh, Emily Dobson, Patrick J O’Reilly, Katie Richardson, Sandie Fisher, Stevie Prickett, Claire Lamont and Roisin Gallagher as well as ten theatre artists who will be joining the project through a series of four workshops. Working alongside the performers will be stage and lighting designer Ciaran Bagnall, dramaturg Hanna Slattne, writers Paul Kennedy and Shannon Sickles and Tinderbox Artistic Director Michael Duke.

The Total Theatre project aims to extend what is currently possible in performance and production in Northern Ireland, both artistically and financially. Taking account of the need for inspiration and innovation in dealing with the impending cuts in public funding, it seeks to develop a new way of producing work that is cost effective, attractive to audiences, and beneficial to all of its participating companies.

Through funding from the Arts Council of Northern Ireland, the Joint Sectoral Dramaturgy Project has supported over fifty collaborative development processes involving both established and emerging theatre and dance companies since 2005.