Fireworks Young Writers Showcase 8th September

Posted on 29 August 2011 in Dramaturgy

Tinderbox annual showcase of new Northern Irish writing talent takes place on the 8th of September at the Crescent Arts Centre at 7.30pm.

This year we are serving up four quirky, funny, moving and thought provoking short pieces by Seamus Collins, Stephen Coulter, Siobhan Gilbride and Karen Quinn rehearsed and performed by a professional cast of actors.

The tickets are free but in great demand so please book yours by contacting us at or call us 02890439313.

The evenings entertainment will consist of:


It’s a day like any other in a failing hotel in the country. The O’Neils wait patiently for customers and dream of better times to come. When a young man books a room, the O’Neils are sure this is the answer to their prayers, to their future. He is exactly what they are looking for. If only Theia and Cyrus could agree and the young man was a bit more accommodating.

THE MAN WHO by Seamus Collins

Life has a funny way of repeating itself. No-one remembers The Man Who Invented The Wheel, who he was, what his dreams and obsessions were. This is a completely made up true story about invention. Where our ideas come from, what drives us forward and how wheels can hold us back. Life has a funny way of repeating itself.

AT SEA by Stephen Coulter

When a man returns to his village after a ten year absence, the locals welcome him back without so much as blinking an eye. That is, all except two brothers with a score to settle. They hatch a daring plan to scare the man from the village but can they agree on how far to take it? At Sea is a dark tale of revenge, punishment and ultimately acceptance.

BETTY’s CONTRACT by Karen Quinn

Betty’s Contract is a comic tale of friendship, greed, wealth and M&M’s. Set in an economically heightened Donegal, two men await the arrival of one very important visitor, one that will mark the end of a ten year deal. Both seem tense, but that is to be expected when their souls are on the line. This is Donegal at its best. Seriously.

With special thanks to Northern Ireland Screen for their continued support of this program and our young writers.