Making work that invites its audiences to interact with and shape the performance or experience.

Posted on 27 June 2013 in Dramaturgy


The Sharing 
For three days artists from different performance fields will be working with Katarina Pejovic of
Shadow Casters, Croatia, scratching the surface of how and why contemporary theatre
makers invite audiences to interact with and shape the dramaturgy of their work. The
workshop participants are all practitioners working in NI and currently developing projects in
this area and they will share the discoveries, work and discussions which have happened
during the workshop.

The Discussion
This is an open discussion between practitioners, audiences, venue programmers, performers
and theatre academics about the relationship between the artists and their audiences. What
we know, what we are curious about and what we would like to happen next.
We will share what the theatremakers’ experiences of inviting audiences into their work and
processes here in Northern Ireland have been. Why do they do it, and what are our
experiences of being invited to participate as audiences?

Using the sharing as a starting point we will be introduced to the work of Shadow Casters who
have a successful and exciting history of working with their audiences through collaboration,
workshops and dialogue. We will also hear from Dr Cathy Turner (University of Exeter) and Dr
Duska Radosavljevic (University of Kent) who has been researching the subject and facilitated
explorations between theatre makers and academics in Canterbury and Exeter earlier this

Where and When 
Wednesday 3rd of July
The MAC, Belfast
4.30 – 7pm


The Project
This workshop and discussion comes out of Tinderbox’s involvement in the AHRC funded research
project ‘Porous Dramaturgies: Community and ‘Togetherness’ in the Structure of the Artwork’. The research
partners for this project are Cathy Turner, University of Exeter, Duska Radosavljevic, University of Kent, Katarina
Pejovic and Boris Bakal from Shadow Casters, Croatia and Hanna Slattne at Tinderbox.


To book a place on 3rd July please email