FIREWORKS: Young Writers Programme Showcase 2013

Posted on 23 October 2013 in Dramaturgy


4 brand new 10 minute plays by

4 up-and-coming writing talents.

Join us for an evening of topical, witty and thought provoking short dramas at the MAC

Monday 11th November, 7 pm at the MAC Upstairs

Tickets are free but limited so please book in advance by phoning: (028) 9043 93 13

or e-mailing:


The lineup:

MYSTERIOUS WAYS by Louise Davidson

Erin, a young nurse, has finally moved on from a difficult past when she is called to the sick bed of her estranged aunt. Suddenly she is thrown back into the heart of the family that abandoned her and are now looking for her help. Mysterious Ways is a riveting and haunting tale of a family’s struggle with mental illness, abandonment and what it means to be a child of God.


THE DISSECTION CLUB by Daniel Sutherland

In a dystopian future where life is reduced to a scramble for survival, a secret society wants to re-claim the past by re-enacting remnants of rituals and procedures. Chichester and Tyrconnell need serfs, consumers or a congregation, and kidnap young people off the heap. Until one day they pick up Kyra and things do not go to plan. The Dissection Club is an un-nerving examination of a world deprived of innovators.


COSMOPOLITAN by Julie Hughes

What if your mother has decided she is an expert on sex and dating? What if she has decided to get you out of the house and into the arms of a man, any man! Sarah is bombarded with her mother’s wisdoms gathered straight from the glossy magazines on how to trap a man and more embarrassingly, what to do with him when you got him. In Cosmopolitan Julie Hughes explores our current romantic and sexual values and how we negotiate a system in which fantasy precedes intimacy.


M by John Shayegh

The stakes are high for Smyth as the great and the good are gathering to see the high-point of his career. Success is everything and failure is death. As Maribel and Derek wait amongst the crumbling evening they wonder if all will collapse and fall away or if, perhaps, there is a chance for redemption. M is an exploration of fame, acclaim and happiness in a modern world ruled by instant gratification.