Ignition 2018

Tinderbox are delighted to return to The MAC with their ambitious Ignition programme

The Play Machine is fully charged. Five days to create an explosive performance. Just for you.

Last night you whispered something just as I was falling asleep I should have written it down by morning time that kind of stuff is always gone that kind of stuff is born and dies within a second.

Tickets: https://themaclive.com/event/ignition-2018

Fri 8 Jun – 7:00pm
Sat 9 Jun – 4:00pm

Director: Patrick J O’Reilly

Producer: Jen Shepherd


Alan in Belfast

“Ignition is a promising format. A sustained burst of creativity tested out on an audience before complacency can set in. A different cast and we’d have a totally discrete show. A different line of inspiration and we’d have been transported to a totally new destination. Nerve-racking for the company, pretty nerve-racking for the audience too. Not a bad way to light up an evening.”