Solas Nua

The relationship between Tinderbox and Solas Nua Theatre Company in Washington DC goes back several years and has included a  co-production of Owen McCafferty’s Scenes From The Big Picture directed by Northern Irish director Des Kennedy in 2007.

We are currently developing a co-production of a new play by David Ireland which will rehearse in Belfast spring 2010 followed by a tour in the US. It will be directed by US director Kathleen Akerley

Between autumn 2008 and late summer 2009 Solas Nua presented a series of rehearsed readings of plays from Tinderbox

October 2008 – Bruised

November 2008 – Second-Hand Thunder

November 4th 2008 – Elections day Swing State Cabaret was read in the street outside an polling station.

December 2008 – Family Plot

February 2009 – Revenge

March 2009 – Girls and Dolls

April 2009 – Convictions

May 2009 – Caught Red-Handed

June 2009 – This Other City

August/September 2009 – The Virgin Father

Solus Nua is a company producing Irish plays in the US. To find out more visit their website at