The OMAC Studio Season

The OMAC Studio Season took place in spring 2009 a collaborative audience development project that drew on OMAC’s excellent track record in adventurous programming and Tinderbox’s leadership of sector-wide initiatives for established and emerging independent theatre companies.

The work for the OMAC Studio Season was selected on the basis of the following features:

  • The work was new to full production
  • The companies’ process and product were challenging and exciting
  • There was a balance of artistic excellence and accessible entertainment; whether from long established track record, new audience loyalty or public demand at Pick n Mix.

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Red Lemon –  Kissing Marigolds written and devised by Patrick J O’ Reilly and The Company

27th – 31st January 2009

Based on the confusion and desperation felt in the afermath of heartbreak, Kissing Marigolds analyses the relationship we have with our friends and the therapies they employ to help us overcome the disorientation, the dependence, the sheer incoherence of life after a break-up. But what’s in it for them? What’s their agenda? What’s our friends’ charge for alleviating our delusion?

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Tinderbox  – The Virgin Father by Jimmy McAleavey

18th – 21st February 2009

Mary has disappeared. Her son has been murdered. And now Joe is being hunted down. He urgently needs to understand what has happened to his family if he is to save himself…

Joe married the quiet girl in the village even though she was carrying someone else’s child. He failed to deal with her delusions about the pregnancy, and to keep the boy from joining a cult. But what could he have done in a land occupied by foreign forces?

Theatre Abandon –  The Gathering by Michael Duke

11th – 14th March 2009

A wife waitng at home with dinner prepared and exceptionally clean cupboards; a young girl who longs to play football for her country; a property developer with a very personal project; a mistress with a fast turnover in men and accessories; and John, a funeral events organiser who finds love at the wrong time and place.

Five people. Five versions of events. One inescapable truth.

Assault Events  – Alibi Choreography by Sandie Fisher and Original Music by Sophy Smith

22nd – 25th April 2009

Alibi, a cautionary tale about love and friendship, misunderstandings and consequences, the things not said and the right in every wrong. Dance and song in the intimate surroundings of your local bar, café or club.

Alibi is a site specific work for informal performance environments such as your local café bar, club, or theatre bar.

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