Writers Centre

If you are a writer starting out in writing for the stage you we provide the following services and activities.

Jack Quinn, Susan Crothers and Ruby Colley in Bruised

Jack Quinn, Susan Crothers and Ruby Colley in Bruised

Script Reading – Send your play to us. Tinderbox has a script reading panel and we read all scripts sent to us.

Newsletter – sign up for regular news, information and upcoming opportunities.

Library– Read contemporary plays and other theatre books from our library.

Workshops – Attend our writing and skills workshops. Any workshops we do will be announced through our new writing newsletter and on the webiste.

Fireworks Young Writers Programme – for people between 16 and 25. Applications close in the spring. Keep checking the website for dates.

When we get to know your work either through the script panel or seeing your work we may offer you more in-depth support:

One to One dramaturgical support on a particular script.

Development Processes where we get actors to read and work on your script in a room to explore and test how it works and what you need to do next.

Rehearsed Readings of plays we are interested in where we rehearse the script with professional actors and present it in front of an audience.

Studio Productions is a small scale production which allows us to produce work by emerging writers away from the lengthy commission and funding cycle restrictions.

Writer in Attachment for a year that we offer to an emerging writer. The attachment includes part of a commission and a development fund for the writer to spend on developing their craft further.

When you have built up a relationship with us and we know your work over a period of time we may offer you a commission.

Writers commissioned by Tinderbox will be writing the plays they want to write, supported by the Tinderbox Dramaturg through a process suitable to that writer. We respond to the writers needs and wishes about how to work and what to write about. Occasionally we will ask a writer to explore a particular theme for a specific project or take part in a particular type process.

To see who is currently under commission with us click here.


If you are a interested in the role of the Dramaturg or in becoming a Dramaturg

We will endeavor to support you through mentoring, work placements and advice as much as we can. The role of the Dramaturg in the development of a piece of theatre takes place over a very long period of time, which makes it hard follow on short intense placements. It is useful to be out in good time so that we can see how we can shape a useful placement around a particular project. It also means that it is essential that you can be flexible with your time with us.

Please contact us to discuss if and how we can accommodate you.