History & Resource Materials

Child Protection and Sagfeguarding

Tinderbox works with a range of groups and organisations, including those that serve young people and children. We operate to the highest standards in our work with all our project particiapnts, including children and vulnerable adults. A full copy of our Safeguarding Policy can be requested by clicking here.

Past Productions

The following is a list of productions and programmes which had a significant outreach programme attached. All resource materials are designed to be used at GCSE level and above (14yrs+). You can obtain copies of each production’s Resource Materials by contacting Don McCamphill.

Devising Guide
This document was made available to groups and schools during the new writing Hothouse pilot programme to assist in making the devising process as exciting and fulfilling as it can and should be.

Convictions by various (2000)
A site-specific, promenade performance exploring the past, present and future of Crumlin Road Courthouse in Belfast. Seven different local playwrights contributed to this award winning production.

Click here to download Convictions Outreach Pack (pdf)

No Place Like Home, text by Owen McCafferty (2001)
This piece of devised theatre, scripted by Owen McCafferty, explored the themes of displacement and the plight of the refugee in both a local and international context.

Click here to download No Place Like Home Outreach Pack (pdf)

Caught Red Handed by Tim Loane (2002)
Winner of the Irish Times/ESB award for best new play in 2002. Caught Red Handed is a political farce exploring the antics of the ‘Alternative Unionist Party’ as they attempt to disrupt a planned referendum on a united Ireland.

The Chairs, adapted from Eugene Ionesco by Owen McCafferty (2003)
Owen McCafferty’s adaptation of Ionesco’s classic play. It follows an old couple, living on an island, as they relate conflicting memories and experiences. The great and the good of society are arriving soon to hear the old man make the most important speech of his life. This is an absurd world where nothing is what it seems and we begin to see the invisible made visible.

Click here to download The Chairs Outreach Pack (pdf)

Vote! Vote! Vote! by various (2003)
Over a dozen writers for the stage from across Northern Ireland were asked to create a five minute piece examining what they thought politicians would not be saying during the campaign leading up to the 2003 elections to the Northern Ireland Assembly. As well as engaging with the professional writers, Tinderbox Outreach gave the exact same brief to community groups in Belfast and Tyrone. Two of these finished pieces were performed alongside the work of professional writers.

Click here to download Vote! Vote! Vote! Outreach Pack (pdf)

Revenge by Michael Duke (2004)
Set on Halloween night, REVENGE lifted the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead to explore one family’s perpetuating grief years after their son has been disfigured and bereaved as a result of a terrorist atrocity.

Click here to download Revenge Outreach Pack (pdf)

Happenstance, a Tinderbox Outreach production devised by the performing company (2004)
Following on from the community chorus involvement REVENGE, Tinderbox worked with all three groups to devise their own full length piece of theatre over a 7 week period. What resulted was an exciting piece of promenade theatre full of surprises for its capacity audience.

Family Plot by Daragh Carville (2005)
The Kerr family lie buried in an Armagh graveyard, yet even death has not stopped the incessant family squabbles and bickering that plagued their time above ground. Does the arrival of ‘the last Kerr in the world’ present them with an opportunity to break the endless cycle of claim, counter-claim and recrimination?

Click here to download Family Plot Outreach Pack (pdf)

Bombay To Belfast, devised and performed by young people and adults from the Indian Community Centre, Belfast (2006)
This project was a collaboration between Tinderbox Theatre Company, Wheelworks and The Indian Community Centre. The finished script formed part of the CHAAT MASALA showcase presentation in March.