Festival of New Irish Writing 1989

August 1989

Fingertips by Tom McLaughlin, directed by Eleanor Methven

How to Roast a Strasbourg Goose by Sydney Bernard Smith, directed by Eoin O’Callaghan

Theatre of Paranoia by Michael Doherty, directed by Lynne Parker

Tantalus by Ken Bourke, directed by Lynne Parker

The Canonisation of Adam Grant by Fiona Morrison, directed by Mark Patrick

Daddy by Hugh Murphy, directed by Lyall Watson

Tim Loane
Miche Doherty
Chris Glover
Lalor Roddy
Zara Turner
Fiona Morrsion
Paula McFetridge

In conjunction with the new play-scripts, a poetry reading by the following new poets will follow each performance.

Phil Orr
Ruth Hooley
Walter Wilson
Alan Blackstock
Liz Leckey
Julianne Long
John Kelly
Martin Crawford
James Fitzgerald