Caught Red Handed

By Tim Loanecrh

March & October 2002

Ulster…2005… A referendum has been called for a United Ireland and the charismatic leader of the Alternative Unionist Party has staked his life on stopping it. He is about to bring history to a halt with an address to his fiery, faithful followers on the steps of Stormont when he finds himself unexpectedly decommissioned…

Will he live to fight another day? How will the party’s inner circle cope if he doesn’t? Did they really need him in the first place? Will their desperate campaign to scupper the referendum succeed? How will the Leader’s winsome wife and simpering son deal with the catastrophic crisis? And will their country ever be the same again?

Simon Magill
Tim Loane

David Craig

John Riddell

Lisa Lavery

Reporter – Amanda Hurwitz / Julia Dearden
The Leader – Dan Gordon
Wylie – Alan McKee
Reverend McIlroy – Peter Balllance
Wayne – Richard Clements
Watson – Ian Beattie