Northern Star

Northern StarBy Stewart Parker

November 1998

Co-produced with Field Day Theatre Company and the Belfast Festival at Queen’s.

Henry Joy McCracken, leader of the United Irishmen in Antrim, is hiding on Belfast’s Cavehill. It is late at night. While his young lover sings their child to sleep, McCracken tries to make sense of the events which have seen the United Irishmen rush forward to the brink of success and now teeter on the point of failure. He must keep the flame of the United Irishmen alive, he must stop the disintegration of all he believed in, he must preserve hope. If he fails all fails Northern Star is a theatrical tour de force. Stewart Parker describes the progress of the United Irishmen with more than a little help from Ireland’s leading playwrights. Farquhar, Bouicault, O’Casey and Beckett, to name a few, all play their part in this story of the seven ages of Henry Joy.

Stephen Rea

Bob Crowley

Conleth White

Sherrie Scott Keegan

Neil Martin

Henry Joy McCracken – Conleth Hill
Mary Bodle – Annie Farr
Mary Anne McCracken – Paula McFetridge
Samuel Neilson/Edward Bunting – Peter Ballance
Jimmy Hope & others – Simon Magill
Wolfe Tone & others – Sean Campion
Thomas Russell & others – Miche Doherty
Belle Martin & others – Maggie Hayes