On McQuillan’s Hill

Sean Niki and N CusackBy Joseph Crilly

February/March 2000

On the top of McQuillan’s Hill, west of the River Bann, stands an old Hibs Hall about to be sold. Before it goes, the hall is used for one last party – the ‘coming out of jail’ shindig for Fra Maline whose reputation preceeds him like a charging bull.

Who shot Fra in the legs? Where has Loretta been for the last twenty years and will Ray try it on with anyone? Old friendships re-ignite, home truths are told, and a few white lies return home to roost. This is what happens when you are not ready for early release!

Stephen Wright

Houston Marshall

James C. McFetridge

Louise Stewart

Mrs Tymelly – Helena Bereen
Theresa Maline – Niki Doherty
Ray McCullion – Sean Rocks
Loretta Maline – Anne Byrne
Fra Maline – Niall Cusack
Dessie Rigg – Kieran Lagan