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Vote LogoBy Daragh Carville, Maria Connolly, Carlo Geblér, Robin Glendinning, Damian Gorman, Kreative Konnectionz, Tim Loane, Don McCamphill, Annie McCartney, Alan McKee, Glenn Patterson, Christina Reid and Voices Women’s Group

Responses to the 2003 Northern Ireland Assembly elections

November 2003

Eclectic, diverse, dynamic, perverse… more writers that you can shake a ballot paper at.   Some of our finest writers have committed their intentions to paper and Tinderbox is the returning officer. Over a dozen writers, five minute dramatic statements, presented as rehearsed readings by a riotous assembly of our finest actors. Presented with an Alternative Hustings after the show.

Dan Gordon

Peter Ballance
Emma Little
Helen Madden
Ian McElhinney

Conor Mitchell