Tinderbox Theatre Company is one of the most established companies in Northern Ireland.  For over thirty three years, Tinderbox has championed new writing, producing world-class performances from Northern Irish writers to critical and international acclaim.

Artistic Policy

We are driven by artistic process. 

We are an organisation led by artists in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

We are inspired by the ever-changing creative landscape of new contemporary arts practice, new and ambitious theatrical forms and the rich diversity of artists and participants. 

We are a leading player in creative innovation, experimentation and contemporary theatre.

Mission Statement: 

  • We create live performances to challenge, provoke and inspire.  Tinderbox create live and dynamic events and experiences. We tell our stories. We play. We devise. We use the body as the main form of artistic expression. 
  • We liberate the imagination to play.  Specialist contemporary theatre training at the Crescent Arts Centre. Since 2017, Tinderbox have provided creative training programmes to inspire, nurture and support 84 emerging artists and participants.
  • We celebrate true collaboration with artists, communities and audiences. We will create a living space for artists, communities and audiences to connect and share stories with each other. We will make events where these stories are shared and new voices are heard.
  • We value transformation as essential to our work and practice. We champion creative play as our foundation to explore change and transformation, not only for performance projects but through all strands of the organisation.About Us 5

 The Tinderbox Approach: 

Through these three approaches, we are constantly in a creative flux; evolving ideas and forms, changing perspectives and creating new narrative.

  • Play: We engage in play to explore who we are as human beings and artists. Play opens up the space to create new ideas through to performance. 
  • Creativity in Motion: Creativity in Motion celebrates the artistic process of play by inviting the artist to continually question and explore their unique process. The idea, the process and the performance are continually changing.  Likewise the performance, the audience and the landscape are continually changing. We wish to celebrate this continuous change. 
  • Off the Grid: Off the Grid transforms the creative space whilst also placing responsibility on the artists to care for the Environment. Off the Grid seeks to find the communal intimacy of story-telling between performer and audience.

Transform 2021-2024

The Transform strategy 2021-2024 is the result of reflection and practice incurred by the devastation and impact left by the Covid-19 Pandemic. We feel it is absolutely essential to create an arts ecology and practice that does not fear change but resolutely places change as the central component to all that we do in the future.

  • We seek to embrace continuous change by creating ambitious theatre and artistic projects that are transformative in style, form, space and content.
  • We want artistic process to be celebrated and given equal status as a method for working as a thriving arts organisation in Northern Ireland. Product is the exciting consequence, but practice is the beating heart of what we do. Both are intrinsically linked.
  • We want the transformative effect of creativity to be a recognised and valuable approach to creating a better self and world.


We are proud members of IETM and Theatre and Dance NI:

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We are ITC Ethical Managers | We are committed to best practice, providing safe working conditions and fair pay to the artists we work with.

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We are Disability Confident Committed

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