Creative Transformation

Everything is in constant change. Creativity and the imagination are the tools to navigate change and embrace new ways of being, thinking and creating. 

We wish to cultivate artistic practice and engagement that celebrate the interdependency with each other and the environment. We create ambitious projects to explore our present world and future where individuals, communities and the environment work in harmonious collaboration through creative practice.  

We deliver: 

  • Creative workshops for Mental Health and Well-Being: Tinderbox’s expertise in Play has received national recognition, with artists from the UK and Europe engaging in our programmes. The workshop will focus on exploring and discovering the creative space that exists through the art of Play. The Creative space is a liberating pause where the overly-thinking mind is reduced and the elements of game, imagination and the physical body come into play. The creative space is invigorating, dynamic and a force for developing confidence and resilience in dealing with our Mental Health. It is also a valuable tool for the discovery of new ideas and concepts for the workplace. Workshops are facilitated by Artistic Director, Patrick J O’Reilly. 
  • Creative Motion Projects: Tinderbox champion artistic process as a tool for  Transformation. With artistic practice, we are invited to engage with dramatic technique to explore the issues and challenges we are current facing on a personal/national level with the ultimate aim to create positive change in our environment. We are delighted to offer a creative package where Tinderbox will spend a half/full day at your location exploring challenging and important themes. If you are interested in hosting one of the workshops, please get in touch touch via: