Reindeer hats and festive crackers, secrets and explosive revelations, burnt Christmas dinners and illicit relationships, family feuds fuelled by alcohol and SingStar is just a little taste of what Tinderbox Theatre Company and the fantastic cast have been playing within the brilliant play by Judith King.

From the first day, the performers have literally thrown with creative energy and risk. For a Director, this has been massively entertaining to watch and be part of. The process has been entirely collaborative; fusing elements from production, dramaturgy and my creative vision. ‘All Through The House’ is truly shaping up to be an entertaining, both heartbreaking and hilarious in equal measure, Christmas treat.

Beneath the giddy froth of comedy, the emotional reality of separated couples dealing with each other’s new partners and siblings fighting with themselves and everyone else is a scenario we can all identify with. By adding the belief in the perfect magical Christmas, Judith King not only accelerates the emotional turbulence in normal family life but almost forces the truth to come to light with explosive circumstances.

‘All Through The House’ beautifully captures the complex grey area between love and hate in couples and family life and THAT has been my prime source of inspiration throughout the rehearsal process. By removing clichés and stripping bare the emotional core so brilliantly crafted in Judith’s play we are making a visceral piece of work that is proving to be both humorous as it is touching, which in my opinion is the very best kind of theatre we can make.

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