Tinderbox are casting one female performer for their spring 2022 production “ Birds of Passage in the Half Light” by award winning writer Kat Woods. 

Woman: (character age range) 30 – 45yrs

**Performers must have considerable experience in movement skills and theatre making techniques. Performers must be able to work in a Fermanagh/border dialect. Please also be aware that the play contains themes of a highly sensitive nature with references to female sexual shame, trans-generational trauma, systemic abuse from Church and State and challenging issues regarding sexual consent and assault/violation.

Theatre Maker/Director: Patrick J O’Reilly / Producer Meg Magill 

To be considered for an audition, please send an expression of interest and CV to info@tinderbox.org.uk 

Deadline for Casting Call: Monday 22nd November at 4pm

Auditions will take place 6th/7th December at Crescent Arts Centre

Rehearsals take place in February with Production March 2022 

Performers must be based in Belfast for rehearsals and production run.

As we are a small organisation, we will make the effort to invite 20 performers for the two day audition process. We may release further dates for auditions in the new year.


Birds of Passage in the Half Light is an explorative deconstruction of the systemic abuses in relation to the Catholic Church and Ireland, with particular reference to the role of women. From Adam and Eve and the original sin narrative to the relationship between church and state and the mother and baby home at Tuam Co Galway. Birds of Passage in the Half Light seeks to demystify the necessity of patriarchal control and misogynistic policies that the Church abides by in Ireland.