E-Motion 21: Bubbles 1

Creative Response to the Covid-19 Pandemic January 2021

Funded by Arts Council of Northern Ireland, Belfast City Council, The National Lottery Community Fund and the Halifax Foundation Northern Ireland.

Tinderbox will premiere on our YouTube channel a collection of Burlesque and satirical vignette films based on four characters who are discovering the meaning of life during the 6 week Covid-19 lockdown.

The Waiting Room

Meet Chris and Gary – your newly appointed, state funded comic relief.  Artists from across the country have been subcontracted to work in the area of mental health. Due to their experience of going on tour and speaking to the public, Chris and Gary have been put on a fast track course to become fully qualified M.D’s and pioneer the new State Funded Comic Relief.

The show will be a fast-paced, variety style. Including all the different types of comedy Chris and Gary can think of in order to find your perfect prescription.

Daisy DIY

Daisy refuses to let lockdown get her down. Not one bit. Daisy decides to open herself to the world of social media influencing and starts a weekly online creative DIY programme to lift her and our spirits during the long days and nights. Daisy loves being a social influencer and posts all of her videos on all social media platforms.  Daisy does realise that the arts and crafts shops aren’t open but that doesn’t stop her! Oh no, Daisy decides that she can make anything an act of creation, from deep throat singing and cup balancing to using a hairdryer to blow crumbs off the table – Everything is creative for Daisy.

The Rise and Fall of Derek Bubble 

Derek is planning his ultimate showdown – his latest neighbour bubble bust-up on his street. Derek is a member of his community neighbourhood watch and is held in high regard by the local police. Since lockdown he has busted numerous social bubbles in his area such as Aoife’s 8th Birthday party, New year gatherings and late night caller shenanigans. Nothing gets past Derek and his commitment to public safety. However as with all stalwarts of the community, his rise to fame immediately crashed as the result of a meeting in Ormeau park with one of his ex-boyfriends. Derek states he was framed. His ex says otherwise. Who do you believe?

Patrick J O’Reilly, Artistic Director for Tinderbox theatre company stated:

“It is essential that we reach out to as many people as we can during the current lockdown. We have created a programme of workshops and comedy performances with the intention that people can find humour, creativity and hope during this time. Tinderbox’s mission focusses on empowering the individual through play. We use play to liberate the imagination, to discover, explore and realise our unique creative potential and the E-Motion 21 programme will invite participants to engage with us through the month of January.”

If you would like more information, please get in touch with Artistic Director Patrick J O’Reilly or Producer Meg Magill



Poster design and animation by Ciaran Haggerty