Tinderbox is delighted to present ENGINE, a two week ambitious programme of artist training, performances and inspiring pedagogical discussions with International Company Manifesto Poetico, at the Brian Friel Theatre in conjunction with Queens University Belfast.

ENGINE proposes to ignite the passion, agility and ambition of artists living in Northern Ireland, through the creative brilliance and research composed by Manifesto Poetico, to celebrate our individuality and explore and create theatre for today and tomorrow.

Since 2016, Tinderbox has created space for artists of all disciplines to explore their unique creativity through Play Machine, Take Away Theatre and the IN8 programme, and this year we are delighted to embark on our International path adventure with the ingenuity and brilliance of Manifesto Poetico.

“Manifesto Poetico makes theatre where the abstraction of space, spirit of imagination, and essence of the collective are the basis of storytelling and emotional communication. We have developed a way of composing theatre that uses what we called SPATIAL DRAMATURGY.

We seek a constant creation of theatrical languages incorporating artistic and scientific disciplines as well as multi-cultural influences in order to make popular contemporary theatre that brings the language of the streets to the stage. We propose theatre for and with the people.”

Participating artists will work with Manifesto Poetico’s own devising performance practices and tools to create a new performance under the direction of Carlos García Estévez and Paige Allerton, on the theme of Epic Borders, in Belfast with 25 local artists.

We are beyond excited to be working in partnership with Manifesto Poetico. For more information on Manifesto Poetico, visit www.manifestopoetico.com

More information on the ENGINE programme will be revealed soon.

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