Tinderbox is excited to present this haunting, hilarious and heartbreaking new play by John McCann.

Famla challenges the stories we tell ourselves to hide the truth of who we really are.

Hector has passed this place all her young life. An old house. Must be a hundred years old. Maybe more. Looks abandoned. Festering. She never really gave the house a second thought. Until now when she needs a place to escape to. She discovers someone is still living inside. Someone spiteful. Refusing to budge. Clinging on…

Famla is a theatrical feast not to be missed.

* One performance at 3.30pm on the 25th March

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Critic reviews

John McCann's brooding drama borders on the bleak, but a sense of hope mirrored by the youth of today points to a better tomorrow.

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Haunting family secrets unearthed in new play Famla

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McCann’s writing is honest and fizzing with personality.

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Rough, dirty and raw, Famla tip-toes the line between art and theatre, and no matter what your grasp of this Ulster dialect is, this is one play that you will have a hard time getting out of your head.