** Given the current circumstances and the necessity to continue creative dialogue and training, we would like to offer the Play Machine Intensive Masterclasses on a ‘Pay What You Can’ model to ensure as much accessibility and inclusion for our artists’ programmes during this time.

We are able to make this offer thanks to the public financial support for Lucid, this year’s Ignition programme, and we are therefore hugely grateful to everyone who was able to donate to that programme – thank you! **


Tinderbox are delighted to announce that the fourth year of our hugely successful Play Machine programme 2020/2021 is now open for applications. (Deadline for applicants 14th August)

Professional masterclass programme in contemporary theatre practice

We are delighted to announce our re-imagined, Advanced Play Machine programme 2020!

Given the current circumstances, Tinderbox Play Machine 4 will specifically focus on the creation of performance post Covid-19 with three intensive Masterclasses: Space, Mask and Action, to be held at the Crescent Arts Centre, Belfast*

As artists, we are going to work with the limitations of the current situation and set up a theatre laboratory to ask fundamental questions on the nature of live performance, explore artistic forms with limitations and attempt to discover new directions to create contemporary practice.

The Masterclasses will be approached from a physical perspective, inspired by Le Coq methodology and European models. Most importantly, PLAY will continue to be the machine to explore these three elements of practise therefore ensuring Play Machine remains at the core of Tinderbox’s artistic methodology.

There will be 15 places available for each 5-day Masterclass (5 days, 9.30 – 4.45pm). Artists are invited to attend one, two or all three Masterclasses. Auditions and discussion will take place in August.  Play Machine programme is facilitated by Artistic Director, Patrick J O’Reilly.

The usual fee (of £200 per week) has now been replaced with a pay-what-you-can model, and successful applicants will be given further details on how to make a (completely voluntary) donation only after they have been accepted onto the course.

To apply, send your CV and letter of interest to: info@tinderbox.org.uk

Please stipulate in your email which Masterclass you are interested in, or all three as a full programme.

First Masterclass: 19th – 23rd October 2020 – 1 Week Intensive, 5 days

Workshop Title: Space

The first term of the Play Machine programme is focussed on the body in space to create performance.  The workshops are chaotic in form with games, improvisation and provocations and physical theatre technique to explore Space with specific exploration in post Covid-19 performance.

Second Masterclass: 9th – 13th November 2020 – 1 Week Intensive, 5 days

Workshop Title: Mask

The second Masterclass of the Play Machine programme invites the free artist to explore Mask and performance.  Using Neutral mask as a foundation for practice, artists will be invited to initially explore Larval, Expressive and Utilitarian mask work. Artists will be invited to explore the daily mask we wear for the exploration of character and archetype. As a point of research, we will explore the use and potential opportunity of mask for performance post Covid-19.

Third Masterclass: 7th – 11th December 2020 – 1 Week Intensive, 5 days

Workshop Title: Action

The third term of the programme invites the artist to explore the Proclamation for the creation of modern contemporary performance. Using the artists proclamation, they will explore a range of theatrical forms from Melodrama and comedy to discover the form and evolution of their idea. The proclamation masterclass is for artists interested in creating new work and will specifically focus on theatre as a vehicle for activism and social change.

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* location and dates to be kept under review as required, due to Covid-19 restrictions & safety