“A gorgeous and uplifting escape – this blew us away.”
Arts & Business NI

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REPOSE is a rejuvenating soundscape where listeners can embark on a formidable journey through five different landscapes using vocal guidance, the elements and your imagination.

Each stage of the journey is aligned with specific guidance to promote
mental health and well-being whilst also inviting listeners to explore their
own imagination. The journey is practiced by theatre practitioners
across the world, and Tinderbox wish to make this journey available and
accessible to everyone during the current self-isolation period, as contact with the natural environment is severely limited at this time.

The Journey is in 5 key stages:
· The Sea: Calm
· The Forest: Explore
· The Mountain: Resilience/Accomplishment
· The River: One step at a time / Mindfulness
· The Plain and Sunset: Release, Breath / Awareness

Sound Design – Isaac Gibson
Vocals – Adam Dougal


The calm vocal guidance gives the participant time to engage with their own imagination. In this way, it is different from a passive form of visualisation as it requires active engagement.

Mental Health and Well-Being:
Each stage of the journey symbolises an important aspect to emotional well-being; Repose provides your staff with the opportunity to feel these attributes, rather than merely understand them.

Nature/ Self-Isolation:
Nature has a significant impact on our emotional well-being. Repose offers 5 glimpses of natural environments in 15 minutes.

Times:   Anytime during the day
Platform:   SoundCloud / Download
Format:   Pre-recorded 15 minute soundscape available as both

  • wav (larger, higher quality)
  • mp3 (smaller, quicker download)

Requirements:   Device and earphones/headphones
Participants:   As many as required. It is an individual experience.