Please donate here to help us to help freelance artists, thank you!

These are extraordinarily difficult times for so many of us, and we’ve been particularly concerned about the freelance artists of Northern Ireland, most of whom have found themselves suddenly without work and without a basic income.

There are thankfully some wonderful people in our community who are trying to help (such as this ‘Bread and Butter’ Fund, set up by freelance artists to help freelance artists with a lifeline to help cover these lost bread and butter gigs: – £10k target now smashed but you can still give!).

Inspired by this, and motivated by a wish to create, we have an offering of our own…

We have a small fund that we would like to make available to 30 freelance artists to each receive £100. It’s not much, but we hope it will be another additional support at this time.

As well as the £100 we would also like to gather and showcase the work of these artists online, ten per week for three weeks. The new work can be a simple drawing, a song, a poem, video performances, choreography… whatever you are inspired to create on any subject! We hope these pieces will in turn help inspire others and lift spirits, helping to see us all through.

We’d also like to extend this beyond three weeks if possible, and have set up a fundraiser here to help our initial fund grow and enable us to reach more people:

We’ll accept the first ten who email each week and we look forward to seeing and sharing your creation 7 days later. Just email to join in, and we’ll let you know if you are one of the ten for the week.

We’ll continue this for as long as we are able to financially, and as long as we need to. When we get through to the other side we will find a way to share the whole collection of solo work (though you will always retain the rights as an artist to your own work).

Deadline for the first ten ideas – 4pm tomorrow (Weds 18th March 2020)

Email with your idea to

We will continue to do all we can as an organisation to support artists and creativity.

Best Wishes and Happy St Patricks day!

Patrick and Jen