Tinderbox Theatre Company are delighted to announce our commitment to the Theatre Green Book baseline standard for our upcoming season of work, OFF THE GRID.

The Theatre Green Book initiative has recently developed an industry-wide standard for creating sustainable productions in response to the urgent issues posed by the climate crisis. We’re excited to be a part of the trial process in creating our Autumn production and look forward to collaborating with other local companies and theatre makers as we explore this new model of sustainable working.

Our OFF THE GRID programme will:

• Create work that focuses on the Environment and efforts to reduce our carbon footprint. Our projects will explore shared resources, recycling and efficient energy saving (light and sound) with production costs and manufacturing.

• Create and tour performances in diverse Environments such as rural areas, community spaces and site-specific locations.

• Have a specific focus on minimalist design and visual story-telling

We look forward to integrating the Theatre Green Book principles into our creative practice as we begin to make ambitious projects which explore our present world and future, where individuals, communities and the environment work together in harmonious collaboration.

To find out more about the Theatre Green Book, please visit the link below:

Theatre Green Book |