Tinderbox Theatre Company are hugely excited to present What We’re Made Of; three new one act plays that question who we think we are, challenge what we think we know and celebrate what it means to be alive. Three performances in one evening featuring an incredible ensemble of players; What We’re Made Of promises to be visceral, powerful and unforgettable theatre.

* Matinee performances on 17th – 18th September at 3pm

HISTORY by Daragh Carville

In a quiet cafe on a normal day, Emma drops a bombshell that rocks the very foundations of Declan’s happy, settled life. Passions that were never allowed to blossom are suddenly acknowledged and there is nowhere to hide. Daragh Carville’s new play goes straight to the heart of love and how we long for a passion stronger than ourselves.

Written by Daragh Carville
Dramaturgy by Hanna Slättne
Directed by Patrick J O’Reilly


Writers: John McCann, Jonathan Bailie, Vedrana Klepica, Ivor Martinić

A photograph captures a moment forever. A song invokes memories of a simpler time. Stories are created, passed on and turned into history. We hold on to what we believe, as the world we know is twisted to breaking point. And then it all shatters. Fragments of lives hurtling through the world trying to find a foothold anywhere they can and are allowed.

Hiatus is an explosive piece of theatre that asks how we hold on to who we are in a world that is falling apart around us.

Written by playwrights from Northern Ireland and Croatia, this unique polyvocal and multi lingual theatre event is unapologetic, theatrically inventive and entertaining.

Dramaturgy by Hanna Slättne, Katarina Pejović
Directed by Patrick J O’Reilly


Devised by Patrick J O’Reilly and Hanna Slättne.

Hen’s world is full of colour, play and wonder. It’s an extraordinary place with no rules or limitations until suddenly someone is watching Hen’s every move. Then there are the others, the ones with opinions, certainties and very particular ways. Pushed to defend the known world Hen raucously fights back with hilarious consequences.

Hen is a captivating solo performance that challenges how and why we define gender and takes us on a journey of new perspectives and new possibilities.

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