Tinderbox create live performance, dynamic events and immersive experiences. We tell our stories. We play. We devise. We use the body as the main form of artistic expression. We offer artists of all disciplines the opportunity to collaborate with us to create contemporary, inventive and engaging performance work.

Previous Productions

Something Different by Keith Singleton, March 2023Play in Production 2

Life is full of endless possibilities – but is that always a good thing?

Tinderbox Theatre Company and Keith Singleton present a feverish carnal comedy that shines a very awkward light on relationships.

Meet The One. Grow old with that one. Respect them. Have weekly nice times with them. Matching pyjamas? Why not.

It isn’t broke, so why fix it?

Recently the feeling in your gut has been shouting loud at you. There’s a primal wisdom screaming for you to have a look at the rules of modern life. Your many interactions with attractive others have been carefully managed so far and you’ve avoided making an animal of yourself. You’ve done brilliantly at denying yourself. Well done.

Is the habit of having just the one mate forever and ever and ever what we should all continue to strive for? Or maybe, just maybe, it would be a great idea for us all to try Something Different.

Watch the couple in question take all the big risks, so you don’t have to in this Tinderbox Theatre Company production written by Keith Singleton.


Birds of Passage in the Half Light by Kat Woods

In August 2022, we premiered Birds of Passage in the Half Light by Kat Woods at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2022, followed by a run in the Duncairn Arts Centre, Belfast.

Professional Play 10


Ignition is a fast-paced ambitious theatre making project, not for the faint hearted. Each year since 2016, Tinderbox has invited theatre makers to collaborate, innovate and create a new ground-breaking piece of work in five days, inspired by a single provocation given on the Monday morning.  Ignition celebrates the passion, the agility and the professionalism in Northern Irish theatre.

Ignition History

2019/20 The more I see, the less I know for sure
12 performers, 1 Director
Physical Theatre
2018/19 Insects
13 performers, 1 Director
Physical Theatre
2017/18 Cuck
2 Dancers, 1 Choreographer, 1 Dramaturg
2016/17 What would we be if we weren’t so afraid?
4 Performers, 1 Director, 1 Dramaturg

Previous Production

Sylvan by Jonathan M. Daley Sylvan - Autumn Live Performance 2021 6   

Immaculate by Louise MathewsImmaculate 4

A Thought for Your Pennies by Daniel Kelly News & Productions 3

Natural Disaster by Roisin Gallagher

Professional Play 8

Ubu the King Adapted by Patrick J O’Reilly and Ensemble

UBU the King 79

Hubert and the Yes Sock by Dan Leith Play in Production

The Man Who Fell to Pieces by Patrick J O’Reilly The Man Who Fell to Pieces 6