“In its professionalism, quality and innovation, Play Machine is on a par with the industry-leading organisations in London and Europe, making it a hugely important project that is changing the face of the arts in Northern Ireland.”

Participant Feedback 2018

“No one else in Northern Ireland can do what Tinderbox is doing. There is no theatre training at this standard in NI and there needs to be more. Play Machine needs to grow to a full-time training school.”

Participant Feedback 2019

We offer artists the opportunity to discover the art of playfulness to nurture and ignite their creative potential through our training programmes.

Play Machine

As artists we seek to create theatre that is playful, dynamic and truthful. We seek to share stories of who we are and the world we live in. We seek to play the game and (hopefully) break the rules. The Play Machine Intensive Course is an immersion of stories, movement and dynamics through the methodology of Play. The training aims towards the creation of a new dynamic theatre in which the performer plays with freedom and authenticity within a creative space. This intensive and liberating engagement with the dynamics of Play is appropriate for all actors, dancers, directors, writers and designers with all levels of theatrical experience.

Ignition 2020
In May 2020, Tinderbox will produce the innovative Ignition project at the Crescent Arts Centre Belfast with 10 Play Machine participants.
The theme for the devising process is titled Plastic Masochistic.


Vicky Allen, Aoife Brown, Jonny Cameron, Conor Cupples, Rory Gillan, Conor Gillespie, Orla Graham, Kate Guelke, Tim Hughes, Fergus Kelly, Keeley Lane, Joe Loane, Mary Frances Loughran, Friederika Machala, Niall McAleer, Faith McCune, Calum McElwee, Joshua McGee, Oonagh O’Flaherty, Seon Simpson, James Watson
Curtis-Lee Ashqar, Alice McCullough, Richard Paine, Amanda Doherty, Lisa Duffy, Janine Walker, Sinead Ward, Simon Sweeney, Rob Crawford, Elliot Lloyd, Brian Diamond, Shannen Lofthouse, Lauren Wedgeworth, Tara Greene, Lucy Mackern, Nathan Corrigan, Mercedes Jane Sharma, Aimee McGoldrick, Sarah Louise Conaghan, Sarah Reid, Louise Parker, Rachel Galloway
Patrick Quinn, Noel Harron, Ciaran Haggerty, Anna Leckey, Michael Bingham, Fintan Woods, Aimee Montgomery, Joanne Conere, Muire McCallion, Sean Michael Mullan, Stephen Todd, Jane Talbot, Lucy Mackern, Katy Flanagan, Julie Lamberton, Roger Dane


Creative workshops for young people

Play Maker 2020

The Play Maker programme will begin April 2020 at the Crescent Arts Centre. 5 Play Makers will be fully trained in the workshop delivery of specific play technique fused with digital technology to explore a new method of workshop facilitation. Check website for more details March 2020.