Auto Draft 3The HAP School June 2023 Crescent Arts Centre

**Abbreviation for Holistic Arts Practice and a ‘Happening’

The HAP school is a four day programme June 6th-9th offering specialist artist training in play complimented by creative therapy techniques to invite participants to engage in creating a stronger and healthier foundation for balance, restoration and personal resilience. 20 artists/participants will be part of the programme.

Over the four days artists will be invited to explore:

  • The Science of Play
  • Creative flow techniques
  • Stress and fight/flight/fawn/freeze response
  • Homeostasis/Relaxation and Meditation techniques
  • Authentic Body Movement
  • Creative Manifesto
  • Carl Jung Philosophy
  • Exploring Personal space and Boundaries

The HAP school will be divided into two specific sessions each day (Tuesday to Friday). Morning sessions will explore the fundamentals of play and creative flow. The afternoon sessions will focus on therapeutic solutions in dealing with stress management, creating homeostasis (relaxation) in the body and exploring creative impact on mind and body.

The HAP school will be facilitated by Patrick J O’Reilly. Patrick has been the Artistic Director for Tinderbox Theatre Company since 2016.  Patrick also recently graduated in Creative Therapy in the effort to create more healthier creative spaces for artists and participants in the future. Patrick received accreditation to deliver creative therapy programmes by IMTTA  (International Meditation Teacher and Therapists Association) and ICTT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists).

Fee: £120.00

The HAP school will run from 10am-4.30pm

Please get in touch with Patrick with an Expression of Interest to  The expression of interest should detail why you are interested in creative therapy modalities and what you hope to achieve by attending the programme.

Please note: The HAP school is an integration of artist play methodology and creative therapy modalities. We do not offer cognitive therapy or one to one feedback on personal issues and experiences. Whilst some of the creative exercises could trigger emotional responses, we will ensure that care, compassion and confidentiality is at the very core of the practice. The HAP school incorporates the code of Ethics standard from ICTT and IMTTA.