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Through Tinderbox, I had the freedom to unlock and use all the creative aspects of myself, the writer, the singer, the songwriter, the actor – all of me was encouraged and supported.

Tinderbox find a way to unleash even the dormant or lacking in confidence sides of your creativity.

I have never identified as an “artist” but now I do after working with and being mentored by Patrick and Tinderbox.

I have worked for many theatre companies over the past twenty years but what makes Tinderbox special is that when a show / project ends I am under no illusion that I have learned something and that creatively, I am buzzing.

Any project in Tinderbox’s considered hands feels like a very full Theatrical / Artistic experience.

I think my word/sentence to describe Tinderbox would be ‘complicity’. I have felt supported and appreciated by you and the company, and I have always felt a sense of true collaboration from you.

The thing that is seldom is wonderful.

Working with Tinderbox, you feel like you’re a lightbulb that’s been switched on and you know the electric’s not going to run out.

Tinderbox set me free.

Transformative. Tinderbox changed the way I approach making work and art.

The artistic work/aesthetic [of Tinderbox] is that of pure theatre.

Tinderbox’s creations are built via curiosity and experimentation and are of a rare beauty.

Tinderbox are the collective consciousness celebrating and collaborating within the realm of creative liberation of artists.

Tinderbox cultivated a creative environment for me to play and discover, empowering me to say what I wanted to say.

An energetic and playful space that breaks through your creative comfort zones and restrictions and finally makes you free.

Tinderbox are an Innovative Augmentation of Creative/Original Ideas.

Participating in Tinderbox’s Play Machine helped me to embrace my identity as an artist, put me back in touch with my body’s innate creativity, and gave me the confidence to go out there and make authentic work. It was a complete game-changer.

Available. I feel Tinderbox are very approachable. I know this might sound simple, but it’s really the biggest compliment I can give.

Liberating. Interested. Risk. AKA lets just give it a go!

Working with Tinderbox was exciting and challenging. It allowed me to explore my creativity in a whole new way, it showed me how to collaborate effectively and how to refine the result into new work.

Tinderbox made me imagine a life that is unlimited. Making me fearless, boundless and determined to create things that are both extra-ordinary and unforgettable.

I met Tinderbox just as I was beginning to think of myself as an ‘artist’. Through collaboration with and provocation by them, I’ve continued to explore my work through this multidisciplinary lens. Tinderbox are non-hierarchical, they empower freelancers to engage with them with agency and freedom. They respect and acknowledge the interconnected nature of our work.

A magic chance to get out of my head and into my body… A Playground of physicality and feelings, Creativity at its BEST.

An environment that cultivates collaborative curiosity; where everyone in the room feels part of the process.

Tinderbox are always using what’s in the room to author the world.

An openness to making it up as we go along without worry of limitations.

Tinderbox provide an intensely creative environment with a great deal of freedom and exploration.

Working with Tinderbox was extremely freeing as an artist – It allowed me to explore my craft in an ambitious, accepting and bold space, pushing my boundaries as both a performer and  theatre-maker.

A chance to heal a broken game, a game changer.

Through Tinderbox, I remembered what I loved about playing as a child and truly letting go of my own perception of my performance.

Working with Tinderbox is a freeing experience, as an ensemble or as a solo performer you feel like a valued contributor and artist.  The process and the journey feel as important as the end production. The spaces created and used feel safe, fun and supportive, generating an environment where expression is encouraged and comes easily which results in performances that feel risky, challenging and exploratory. The usual restraints of theatre are torn away and what is left behind is fresh and raw artistic expression.